Flagstone in Toronto: First Choice For Residential Landscaping


In the rising demand for flagstone in residential landscaping, people seem to give more and more preferences to flagstone walkways and driveways in Toronto. There are many explications that you can use in describing flagstones, but in general, flagstones are natural stones. These are basically thin and flat and come in many sizes, shapes, and colors. Flagstone is an aesthetically pleasing and durable option for your project in Toronto.

Flagstone not only constructs a beautiful walkway or patio outdoors, but it can also be just the elegant and durable stone option for you. It has an absolute parity of endurance for extreme weather conditions and made by Mother Nature herself. Any flagstone addition is sure to withstand the test of time. Some key factors you have to remember on the installation of flagstone is to choose the ideal thicknesses and have the proper preparation of your landscape. You need to make sure you have the ground as you ready your flagstone for installation will ensure that you get the best results with your finished product. At Game Of Stone Ca, We are prepared to respond to your queries about flagstone and are well equipped to help you determine whether this popular and ideal stone is right for your project in Toronto.

Why choose Game Of Stone?

As we have already come to know, flagstones are natural stones. Yet, nowadays, there is a vast majority of companies in GTA that offer their own flagstones. 

So, what makes them different from each other, and what makes their products unique?

Manufacturers around Toronto create their own multitude of flagstones by manipulating the carvings, calibration, and finishing materials. So, in the existing variety of flagstones, constructors and homeowners should choose their building materials by looking carefully at the product’s following qualities: water absorption, freeze-thaw durability, and flexural strength.

Even though there are so many flagstone manufacturers out there on the market to choose from, there are twice as many great contractors in the field willing to provide their services in flagstone installation. Thus, what makes Game Of Stone Ca worthy of being chosen among the others is our passion for what we do, our orientation to details, and our genuine commitment to the clients’ satisfaction. 

Our professional team will help you mold your vision using flagstone in Toronto and take care of all the details. We realize that each property and client taste is different, so we work diligently with you and your surroundings to tailor the best approach for meeting those needs.

Our Flagstone Installation Procedures 

Flagstone is a popular alternative to interlocking pavers because it provides a durable and naturally slip-resistant surface that will last for years. 

You can use flagstone to create informal or formal patios, pathways, and porches around your house arena.  For a more natural and organic look, select the random cut or irregular flagstones. To keep an exceeding formal look, select the square-cut flagstone tiles (corners are always 90 degrees). You can install it in various repeating patterns.

There are some appraisal benefits in using flagstone:


Each of the randomly cut flagstone as each piece is different, which means each space will also be different.


Besides the premium look of flagstone, it is also very durable as it is a natural stone.

Low maintenance

It requires a reasonable and budget-friendly cost to get going with the maintenance track of flagstone.


This is certainly true with random cut flagstone as the material between the tiles can be with high-performance bedding or even plant material such as moss or turf.  

Here is the procedure for how we keep the standard in laying flagstone:

Game Of Stone Ca prioritizes making a well-prepared sub-base and base while building flagstone walkways and driveways. That simple technique bears our success rate constantly high. We prefer to take the whole day just preparing a stable and properly leveled foundation following this procedure:

First Of all, We start by excavating a minimum portion beyond the desired finish grade and creating a minimum of 3% slope away from structures.

After that, we check out the sub-base (the area beyond the excavated portion). If the sub-base remains wet, we will substitute 3-8” of it with crushed stone; and if the sub-base is rather dry, 2” of it will be replaced by angular sand.

Next, we add and rake 2-4” of the aggregate base material until flatten. And afterward, we compact the base and remove any remaining undulations.

When the base is ready, we install plastic edging, which will restrain the flagstones. 

Right after installing plastic edging, we start pouring concrete and using shovels and other tools to ensure no voids and screed and smooth the surface. 

Upon the base being dried, we begin laying flagstone individually by applying small amounts of wet concrete under each piece. The remaining work is to fill up the joints with the same wet concrete, and the job is complete. 

We follow the same procedure when installing a flagstone walkway, patio, driveway, or landing area. Usually, it takes us 3 days to fully install a 400 sq. ft. flagstone patio. 

Final Words

At Game Of Stone Ca, we always provide only the highest quality stone products and landscaping accessories for our customers. Whether you are introducing a new landscaping solution to your home or building a new indoor stone feature at your business, you’ll find just the options you need to make your project a success in Toronto when you shop with us. One popular stone preference that has many advantages is flagstone. It undoubtedly offers an aesthetically pleasing and long-lasting option for any number of projects.


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