Why choose Game of Stone for your next Brick Repair project?

Over 20 years of professional experience as a company

We are partnered with leading stone manufacturers in Ontario

All clients get an exclusive guarantee of 40 years on all our services

We are experts who constantly undergo local and international training

Stoneworks are special pieces of architectural marvel as they help to bring out the distinctive features of a house. It gives a premium look that sets it apart from other houses. Many people avoid stone works because they think it is too expensive. They also believe that the stonework company might ruin the whole design.

  • Game of stone specializes in the installation of all kinds of stones. Not only this but also offers service at very reasonable prices.

Game of Stone has provided stone services in Toronto for so long. Chances are if you drive along any street in Toronto, you will find at least one stone-clad house that was built by our company.

What kind of services does Game of Stone Provide?

  • Game of Stone is a professional Stonework Toronto-based company, we specialize in the installation of natural stone steps, flagstones, natural stone walls, Indiana Buff cut stone installations, stonework repair, and more.

Game of Stone does more than just install stones for your home. At Game of Stones, we understand that the process stonework services start from is the design phase. This is why we work with several leading manufacturing companies in the masonry industry that produce the highest quality of “architectural cut stone.”

With the technical advice from our team of experts and the manufacturing prowess of these companies; we are able to provide our clients with the designs that suit them perfectly.

What makes Game of Stone Services Unique?

Most clients worry about the cost of hiring a company to provide stonework services for their homes. We eliminate the need for this worry by providing the best stonework services at very competitive prices.

We understand how important it is to complete stonework projects on time, as it usually affects the general mobility of the occupants of the house. With top of the line equipment, our stonework specialists can complete your stonework projects as scheduled.

Our method involves the use of the ministry-of-labor-approved water cut stone technique. This reduces significantly the amount of dust produced during the stone-cutting process.

Game of Stone is well-equipped to provide you with all the different types of stones that suit the needs of your house and your budget as well.

We guarantee the quality of all our stone works for many years, so you have nothing to worry about.

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