Everyone loves improving their yard’s aspect. Flagstones are one of the most commonly used methods when it comes to giving an authentic look to a particular landscape. This article will tell you everything you have to know about our well-known flagstone installation services.

All About Laying Flagstone

Flagstone is a commonly-used term that refers to several types of rocks. The entire process consists of breaking large natural stones into smaller ones. After stones are processed they turn into a thin layer of rock. This layer is then broken into flagstone-sized pieces that are widely-used around the world in different fields of activity (paving, construction, etc.).

How Setting Flagstone Works

We at Game of Stone have a great passion for well-done things. This is why we put our best effort into meeting and exceeding all your expectations in terms of flagstone installation. 

Our company has over two decades of experience in this field. What is more, all our experts constantly undergo not only local training but also international courses. This way, they get to improve their expertise and ensure our services are one of the best in business. 

Is Flagstone Suitable For Your Yard?

Our offer includes a wide variety of stone patterns. When choosing the suitable flagstone pattern you should always take into account the upper surface soil of your yard. Gravel, dirt, and sand are a bit more complex to work with, but our experts will definitely make an astonishing job, as long as a layer of concrete is laid first. 


We only work with a concrete footing, so the installation is simple. Setting flagstone in mortar is also a great idea, but we can not set them on dirt. Please note that the cost of the operation may vary according to different factors. 

The Most Popular Flagstone in Toronto (40 Years Guarantee)

Thanks to our well-trained experts we are one of the most popular companies offering flagstone services in Toronto. In order to keep our customers happy, we offer an extended guarantee that lasts for no less than 40 years. This way, in the unlikely case you see something that is not to your liking, you can call us and get your pavers fixed. 

Get High-Quality Flagstone Services

Now that you have a better understanding of why we are one of the most popular flagstone companies in Toronto, it is the perfect time to redecorate your yard. Regardless of the soil you have in your yard, our experts will do a great job installing long-lasting pavers.

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