Indiana Buff Cut Stone Installation: unparalleled in the realm of limestone

Indiana Buff Cut Stone illustrates arctic tones to natural Cut Stone products for Architectural projects. Its material blandish capabilities are complementary to the natural color tones of stacked stone. The natural stone color of Indiana Buff Cut Stone range consists of the light buffs inherent to Indiana Buff limestone material.


Traditional buff color ranging from cream to light brown with some veining and grain movement visible in the face and fine to medium grained stone.

Color Tone: Cream

Applications: Balustrades, Columns, Commercial Panels/Cladding, Fireplace Hearths and Mantels, Interior Steps, Jack Arches, Keys, Quoins, Pool, and Wall Coping, Sills, Exterior Treads and Steps, Interior and Exterior Paving, Window Surrounds and Custom Carved Pieces.


Indoor & Outdoor: Indoor, Outdoor

This traditional buff shade of Indiana Limestone ranges from warm cream to light brown with muted veining and slight grain movement visible on the surface. Its excellent grain composition has made it a prized material for architectural ornamentation on iconic buildings across North America. The usage of the stone is particularly good for Wall and floor applications, fountains, custom carvings sculptures, countertops, vanity tops, stairs, and other design projects.

Notable Applications: Commercial Building Exterior, Residential Homes, Apartments and Hospitality, Fireplaces, Hospitals, Interior Walls, Municipal, Office and Financial Buildings, Outdoor Living, Religious, Retail, Schools, and Universities.


Content: 100% Natural Limestone

Finishing: Brushed, Bush-hammered, Rock faced, Sandblasted, Sanded, or Velour


Format: Modular

Size: Custom cut sizes


Flammability: Non-Flammable

Water Absorption: ASTM C97 – 4.84%

Flexural Strength: ASTM C99 Modulus of Rupture Perpendicular – Wet 653 psi, Dry 843 psi; Parallel: Wet 727 psi, Dry 784 psi; ASTM C880 Flexural Strength Perpendicular: Wet 544 psi, Husky 716 psi; collateral: Wet 556 psi, Dry 706 psi

Compression: ASTM C170 Compressive Strength, Perpendicular: Wet 5,735 psi, Dry 6,581 psi; Parallel: Wet 4,693 psi, Dry 5,845 psi


Environmental Benefits: Most of the time, reusable or recyclable. No VOC’s.

LEED: Can contribute to LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) points

Indiana Buff Cut Stone is durable, long-lasting. For centuries, this natural sedimentary bedrock has been featured in residential and commercial construction projects worldwide. As respected limestone fabricators in its industry, we are dedicated to showcasing limestone’s aesthetic and versatile building construction qualities.

Our fabrication process allows customers the flexibility of choosing building products that fit a range of construction and landscaping budgets. Indiana Buff Cut Stone is cost-effective and quite fit to meet any size construction specification and building requirement. Our futuristic fabrication equipment and expert Indiana limestone artisans provide high-quality building materials to meet project timelines and budgets.

Aesthetically, Indiana limestone provides diversity in color and grade in its natural and buffed stats. Buff Cut Stone can range from warm, creamy neutrals to cool, blue and silver grays. The diversity in surface appearance makes Indiana Buff Cut Stone an exemplary choice for architectural trim work, including ledges, sills, quoins, coping, caps, quoins, banding, keystones, and surface and edge finishes. The color-range of  Buff Cut Stone provides a complementary characteristic to other building materials, including wood, slate, brick, marble, veneers, river rock, and faux stones.

Our decades of working with Indiana limestone has helped residential and commercial construction projects nationwide come to life. Indiana Buff Cut Stone is highly illustrious in the southern part of the state. Indiana Buff Stone is also long-lasting and stands up well to exposure, adapting to the elements. Being used specifically as a building material, Indiana limestone can provide lasting durability and architectural craftsmanship to various large or small residential and commercial construction projects.

Final Words

Along with elegance, Indiana Buff Cut Stone offers durability that can last upwards of 100 years and can be easily repaired and added to new construction, as needed, over the years. Its easy-repair and reusable feature add some more fascinating advantages for most architectural projects. Such age-long durability facilitates long-term planning and cost savings over several decades for commercial and residential construction projects.

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